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If there’s one thing the Danes are great at it’s compelling dark drama and with supernatural thriller Heartless they certainly continue that great tradition. I’ve heard only good stuff and people who have contacted me on Facebook and Instagram are writing, ‘We love it! Did you feel that now was the right time to tap into something like this? It’s really important that you like it in England and France as well. I think we are very much attracted to real stuff, real stories and realistic things. They’re very close to reality and I think that’s what we like so that was also why I was a bit scared going into this actually. It was difficult, we had to create something new and we did. Was there discussion about how far you take their powers etc? As I said we had to make it up from nothing so it was up to us to find out what we were. I liked the fact that we weren’t vampires, it would be too easy and we’ve seen it all before. In the first episode, we get the sense that Sebastian is the one who struggles with what he is and is perhaps a little softer than Sofie who seems a little more in control and accepting of their situation would you say? In terms of relationships, the twins have just had each other for a long time and now they’re at the school and having to interact with other students…It’s a tough one because Sebastian is not allowed to get close to anyone because then they will die. I’ve been one of the Turtles [proceeds to give us a sample of his Danish Turtle, pizza being the only discernible word] it’s just the same stuff in Danish!