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The fate of the world rests in the vaginas of three “fruits”, who conveniently happen to be school girls. He reluctantly decides to work with a friend at a manga shop – with two lovely female co-workers. The original of touch and atmosphere intact, Chinmusume, plenty, hilt large boisterous dance !! If you've watched the prequel to this series then you're going to LOVE this series. The school, which dispenses with the Japanese school of different clubs. It united the beauty they are unusual, they have it, and what is the fantasy of many angels, namely male unit in place with the girl's flower. Kaoru introduces it one by one, fellatio and bukkake tournament of the test ... From what I could understand, the humour wasn't too ... We mean crazy hardcore action with luscious 3D girls who have no holes barred and whose dirtiest fantasies (you name it and you ll find it here no matter how extreme and forbidden it may seem) are enlivened with the help of slutty men and horrible monsters.