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by Gingerfred Man Chapter One - Good Scents A Swiffer is a branded cleaning product. Recently promoted to senior at West City High School and headed rapidly for nowhere. Panicked about discovery, I would then clean up and thoroughly launder the cum-drenched lingerie. I would sissy back and forth in front of a full length mirror, arousing myself until I couldn't endure it. But what kind of story would this be if I had been content with things as they were? Within a year, she had lost 30 pounds, metamorphed her wardrobe into a collection of feminine delights, and become the prettiest, sexiest, 40- year-old man-magnet in a 100-mile radius. Soiled by her perspiration, feminine juices and [blush] perhaps even a small "brown" or "yellow spot." I would place them over my head, free my prick and stroke it manically until I sprayed cum all over her bathroom. I have milk and cookies for you." She was being nice, I know.